Completely Balanced for Stability -

The two wheels are connected with a single axle and the frame is designed to distribute the weight along the axle. That ensures stability and balance. HipStar does not overturn.

Fully Adjustable -

The width and height are adjustable and that means you can customize the frame so that it is just right for your body. That provides the utmost comfort.

Comes with Shock Absorbers -

When you are walking or running while HipStar is attached to your waist, the shock absorbers dampen the movements so that the frame does not feel cumbersome or hinder you.

Has a Retractable Kickstand -

HipStar can stand erect, thanks to the retractable kickstand. This helps you while standing in a line or when securing the gear.

Comfortable Harness -

The harness is adjustable and hence, can fit any waist size. It has a low profile and does not pose a problem while walking or running.

Large Wheels for Conquering any Terrain

The large wheels can smoothly glide over any kind of surface, be rough and uneven hiking paths or smooth roads in the city.