I am a 52-year-old middle school teacher in Los Angeles. I was born with cerebral palsy. While I can walk, I find it difficult to carry things because of my condition and also because I use Canadian-style crutches.

When I discovered HipStar, I was extremely excited. I could immediately see that it would be a boon for the disabled community. As a teacher, I have to carry a lot of things to school every day. I find it tough as I have to strain my neck and back. If HipStar works for me as I envisage, it will transform my life and the lives of many other people. I look forward to the independence that I will enjoy in the future, thanks to HipStar.

Jeffery L. Hersey

When I was younger, I loved traveling around the world. I also used to bicycle across the country and have backpacked the entire Pacific Crest Trail, which is 2,650 miles. However, now, I am 66 years old. With age, I cannot enjoy adventure travel like I used to. My body has slowed down and the aches and pains have slowly taken root in the joints. I still long to hike and travel but due to my age, I felt it was impossible until I came across HipStar.

I realized that if I could use HipStar the way you have described it, I will not have to carry my backpack and gear on my back. While I will no longer be climbing mountains, HipStar will allow me to go camping and traverse flatter terrains. I can enjoy more physical activities and adventures without worrying about my health and well-being. I am sure HipStar will encourage many people who are my age or older to embark on an adventure.

Charlene Swankie

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I have a bad shoulder and limited finances. So, I do struggle when it comes to hiking. Thankfully, HipStar will help me overcome my bad shoulder. Of course, I am getting a second opinion to find out more about my shoulder and recovery. If all goes well, I would love to hike the AZ Trail and kayak in all 50 states. I am extremely excited about HipStar and how it can help make the wilderness more accessible for people who are mildly challenged physically as well as senior citizens.

Arlene Kufchock, Colorado

I cannot express my happiness when I came across HipStar. I want the freedom it will give me. I like to stay active and enjoy backpacking. I want to fly to my destination with my backpack and camping gear. HipStar will allow me to check all this and more. Also, once I arrive at my destination, rather than renting a car, HipStar will help me carry my stuff. I can use public transportation and not worry about the added expense of rental cars, Uber, or taxis. HipStar will make it possible for me to reach places that do not public transportation as I can walk while HipStar carries my luggage. I am keen to embark on a camping adventure, thanks to HipStar.

Jason Hunter, South Jordan, Utah

Ever since I came across HipStar’s crowdfunding campaign, I have been excited. I am a former cop but had to retire after someone swerved multiple lanes and intentionally hit me while speeding 92 mph. While the crash didn’t kill me, I seriously hurt my lower back. I experience a lot of pain if I have to carry anything, even if it is light. Before I got hurt, I loved to go backpacking with my kids. Now, I cannot do it any longer. However, there is hope for me, thanks to HipStar. From what I have seen, HipStar will allow me to enjoy backpacking and spend time outdoors. I think I will even be able to go into the mountains with it and take my kids along.

Debbie Riemers Downing, Jockey and Writer, New Hampshire

I am quite frail medically and can hardly use my hands because of cervical neck damage and shoulder replacement surgeries. I used to be a thoroughbred racehorse jockey and that is how I hurt myself. After getting injured, life has been a struggle. However, I am filled with optimism because of HipStar. Its design is incredible – it will take the weight off my hands, neck, and shoulders. Instead, I will be using my hips and that means I will once again enjoy my independence. The design is truly genius.


I cannot imagine that this design is going to be a reality. It is really cool that HipStar can be used with a bicycle as well as while walking. It couldn’t get better than this!

BB7, inventive product development firm that transforms problems into profitable products

When HipStar approached BB7, we were extremely impressed with the unique design. Not only does the design address the challenges involved in moving a heavy pack but it is also stable, well-thought, and rugged. The fact that the cart can move loads from people's back and shoulders to their hips, it will enable them to travel longer distances without adversely affecting their bodies. When it comes to product design and engineering, HipStar is well thought-out, easy to use, lightweight, and rugged.

Mike Jensen, St. Paul, Minnesota

While I have not seen HipStar in real life, I was taken in by the design I saw online. I am waiting to purchase HipStar and have also been talking about it to other people. There is a reason for this.

I have a bad back and suffer from multiple back issues. I have spent years trying to avoid surgeries. Before my back issues, I was an avid backpacker and have covered the wilderness not just in America, Canada, and Mexico but also across Europe. When I retired, I wanted to backpack and started researching online for travel carts that would allow me to carry my camping gear and luggage. That is when I found HipStar.

I was immediately attracted to the unique design, quality, and versatility. It is much better than other travel carts on the market. While other travel carts were nice, they did not have the features that HipStar offers. Imagine being able to change the pitch of the load to reduce vertical weight on the person. Other travel carts had a ratio of 40% (If you carry 100 lb, you would have to bear 40 lb of weight) and no provision for adjustment. With HipStar, the vertical weight is nearly zero. For me, HipStar is the winner. I will be able to carry loads even with my bad back.

I also love the shock absorbers that HipStar has. No other travel cart has this feature. With HipStar, it should be easy to go over bumpy trails, cobblestone paths, potholes, and roads without a problem. The design allows for lateral motion and side pitching.

HipStar will allow me to fulfill my travel, hiking, and camping bucket list without a problem.

Stephen Walker, Wales, UK

While searching the internet to look for ways to upgrade my hiking and camping equipment, I came across HipStar. I love hiking and camping for a night or two in the Snowdonia region, in North Wales. However, age has got the better of me and I find it difficult to carry loads on my back which have to do if I intend to camp overnight.

You can imagine how happy I was when I came across HipStar. I thought that here is one product that will solve all my problems about carrying loads. The more I read about HipStar, the more impressed I was. It was foldable, had a suspension system, and had a unique design that allowed me to walk and pull the cart without straining my back. The frame is easy to fold and assemble, hardly taking a minute or two.

HipStar is just what I need if I want to continue my hobbies of camping and hiking. It appears perfect for me and I am looking forward to owning it and going on adventures in the wilderness and the great outdoors.

Comment left by a user on HipStar’s YouTube channel

I have checked other travel cart brands but HipStar stands out. When it comes to ergonomics, adaptability into a backpack, variable vertical pitch, two wheels and a single axle for stability, easy to assemble, and can be used as a trailer on a bicycle, HipStar is way ahead of other travel carts. It is designed better and also boasts shock absorption.

The only thing I would like to see is a braking system for the wheels. When going downhill, the weight will push a person forward. So, having brakes would be a nice addition. Other than that, I think HipStar has a well-thought-out design. I will definitely choose it over other travel carts.